Gems are more than a precious possession. They are so powerful that, not only they do bestow protection and good fortunes, but once in the wrong place, they can suck the energy out of you. There is lot to be thought than mere beauty whilst wearing a gem stone or purchasing a gem ornament. And definitely, its zero superstition associated with this remark.

(Q)   So why do we need a gem stone?

The answer is very simple its just like adding more nutritions to your already well balanced diet.

(Q)   So what can happen if you land upon a wrong gem?

It would be just like diving into the ocean without a life support.

(Q)   And finally, do gems have connection to the super human level?

Yes, they do. They are infact power houses of celestial strength backed up by logics and science.

Dont be startled to realize that all the precious and semi precious stones are connected to the celestial planets. And here goes a few examples::

  • Ruby stands for Sun
  • Emerald for Mercury
  • Blue Sapphire for Saturn..etc

With a proper examination of ones horoscope only, we get to know which planet is favourable and otherwise. Following the anukul system of astrology, we believe it is the best to adorn the gem of the favourable planet in our horoscope.

Gems are helpless in boosting the power of a malefic planet in our horoscope. The logic is can never eat icecream if you have a sore throat.

So do all born in the month of May can wear emerald or those born in April can adorn a Ruby?? Noway. Do all born in the month of may have the same character, same career or do they atleast have the same name or an equal skin tone? So why a same stone for all born in the same month.

Month of birth, star or a Zodian sign has nothing to do in analysing a gem.

Further upgrading the benefits of a beneficial planet is where the gem helps us. On a simpler level, A person whos Mercury is suitable in his/her horoscope can go for an Emerald. And wearing an emerald can bring visible changes to someone whose studying or plans to attend an interview etc.

In the same way, each precious stone has its own miraculous properties which enhances our life and life styles. What matters is the right choice.