Every woman's ultimate jewel dream is never less than a diamond, and this shining transparent gem has its own superlative reasons. The gem stone with the highest hardness and thermal conductivity, Diamonds fall under the 'native element mineral' category. Diamonds help you in controlling your destiny, but it doesn't suit everyone. If worn otherwise, it can flood you with calamities. Those who are 'fortunate' enough to have a favourable venus in their horoscopes can only go for this jewel hunt. This well known "romancing" gem further strengthens relationships, ushers in prosperity etc. At the same time, it can rain in complete disharmony if worn by the wrong person.

Blue Sapphire

Spotted for its impressive gleam, Blue Sapphire is one of the finest gems, which belongs to the corundum group of minerals. By virtue of its astrological links to pamper the black and most scary planet, Saturn; Blue Sapphire is believed to bring sudden and active changes to the adorned. Unfortunately, this gem is wrongly popularised as a 'remedy' for the Shani Dasa 'victims'. Only those who have a completely good Saturn positioning in their horoscopes, should go for this sapphire.


A variety of the beryl category of minerals; the Emerald associates with the planet Mercury. The light to heavy tinged green shade, differentiates the precious gem from the other less coloured beryls. A pure Emerald is deep green in colour and this is the one gem with an extreme number of inclusions. Its resistance to breakage is very poor. Those with suitable mercury in their horoscopes can go for an emerald, and wearing this gem is found to bring in active changes in students, job seekers, and expands memory levels.

Moon Stone

Named for its glowing paleness that resembles the moonlight, Moonstone belongs to the feldspar group of minerals and is astrologically linked with the Moon. Though it is commonly available in opaque pale colour, there are different shades of moonstones available which include blue, grey, yellow etc. Those with a favourable positioning of moon in their horoscopes, can go for this 'travellers stone' , as it is popularly known, to attract the radiant properties of the planet.

Red Coral

Roughly stated as the organic stone, Red coral is harvested inside seawater from the leaves of coral reefs. Linked with the planet Mars, Red coral has numerous physical and mental benefits, which can graciously be experienced by those with a suitable Mars in their horoscopes. Even though Corals are available in Pink, Purple and Saffron, the Red Coral is the most sought after.

Yellow Sapphire

Belonging to the corundum group of minerals, the Yellow Sapphire gets its sparkling yellow hue from the traces of iron. It is astrologically associated with the largest planet Jupiter, and simply because of this it is hailed as an auspicious gem. Believed to absorb the positive rays of the planet, Yellow Sapphire can only be used by those who have a favourable Jupiter in their horoscopes.


Distinct in its appearance and offbeat colour; the Catseye belongs to the Chrysoberyl category of minerals. The gem stands for the disfigured and troublesome planet Ketu. With its band of reflected light across the middle; the stone looks more like the eye of a cat and hence the name. Though believed to bring surprising fortunes; catseye can be worn by only those who have an affirmative ketu in their birth chart.

Hassonite Garnet

Popularly known as Gomedakom this gem stone belongs to the grossularite garnet group and is typically orange brown. Astrologically linked with the spiteful planet Rahu, Gomedakom can be used only by those with suitable Rahu in their birth chart.


A metaphor of being classified as rare and identified as the organic gemstone, pearls are composed of calcium carbonate and are found in the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusc. An ideal pearl is always perfectly round and smooth and it is astrologically linked with the Moon. Moon rules the mind and emotional arena and wearing pearls are believed to bring a mental and emotional equilibrium, apart from numerous material benefits.


The pink to red blooded gem stone, falls in the corundum category of minerals. Derived from the latin term "ruber", meaning red; the chromium content showers the blood colour for the gem. Imbibed with cosmic qualities of the planet Sun, Ruby is best suited for those who have a favourable positioning of Sun in their horoscope. Wearing this gem stone is believed to strengthen leadership qualities and boosts self confidence.