History & Milestones

Hailing from a well known business family in Kerala, Sri. Unnikrishnan Sivas, had all the good reasons to follow the footprints of his successful father, respectfully to whom he owes the brand name "SIVAS".

But he was keenly in love with nature. His perspective of human life and world around him, clubbed with his composed character, made him put to purpose, the golden invite from the nature.

Nature unveils its hidden blessings to mankind only through those, who passionately follow it. His iron will, strong determination, clear vision and personal integrity towards nature and the people around, was well convincing him to follow the path.

Scientific was his approach, but devotional was his attitude. With his impeccable humane life style, he started imbibing the window of Nature, Planets, Gems and its infinite Gifts; its Interconnectivity and Its daily cosmic influence; on the human world.

He realized that the power and colour that each planet emanates to the living being, is to be accurately identified and assessed. For him, Gems are impressions of Nature; unveiling enormous power to re-balance our daily life. Its extends a miraculous invitation to lead a commendable life, amidst all conventional limitations.

Passion & Research

Subsequently, Sri. Unnikrishnan Sivas, turned to effective wisdom and excellence and started imparting his passion and knowledge, about the secret powers of nature, to the public through his maiden venture 'Sivas Jewellery' in the 1990s. And today, as a ‘Certified Planetary Gemologist' he is one of the most reliable and preferred names in the region. Over the years, he has been religiously assisting people all over irrespective of caste, religion and gender; to in identifying the unknown blessings in the nature designated for each one.

His accuracy, clubbed with scientific and serene approach; made him an internationally acclaimed Gemmologist. He is the official Gem Consultant of many Corporates and business groups across the world.