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Gems are more than a precious possession. They are so powerful that, not only they do bestow protection and good fortunes, but once in the wrong place, they can suck the energy out of you. There is lot to be thought than mere beauty whilst wearing a gem stone or purchasing a gem ornament. And definitely, its zero superstition associated with this remark.


Exclusive store for authentic gem collections

We offer an interesting collection in Gem ornaments, Diamond spreads, Antique Silver, Rudrakshas and a lot more trendy Signature varieties.

Identify your birth stone scientifically

We help you in accurately selecting your birthstone by scientific analysis for good health, luck and prosperity.

Customized gem ornaments

We make customized ornaments as per your needs by selecting the most suitable Gem Stone matching your date and time of birth.

Gem Talks

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About Unnikrishnan sivas, P G A

Planetary Gemologist

Member - Planetary Gemologist Association, Bangkok

Hailing from a well known business family in Kerala, Sri. Unnikrishannan Sivas had all reasons to follow the footprints of his successful father, to whom he owes the brand name SIVAS.

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